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Chiropractic - Not Just For Back Pain


Chiropractic is not only helpful in treating back pain, but can also help with all sorts of joint pain such as hip, knee, ankle, shoulder, wrist and more!

Many people think of chiropractors as only treating back pain, but that is not the case. Simply put, chiropractors work to restore movement in joints of the body that are not moving properly.

Q) Why is this important?

A) When one joint isn’t moving properly, the body has to find another way to complete the desired movement. This is usually done by compensation of other muscles and joints.

When the body has to compensate, it puts extra stress on muscles and joints, which can cause pain and increases the risk of injury. For example, if the ankle joint is not moving properly, the body has to find another way to move in order for a person to walk or run. Common places where the body compensates for decreased ankle mobility are the knee, hip, and low back.

The primary way that chiropractors restore joint mobility is through chiropractic manipulation or adjustments.

Q) Why do chiropractors often focus on the spine?

A) The spine contains 364 joints! 24 different vertebrae make up the spine, and each of those vertebrae have 4 backward facing facet joints.

Each vertebra has a disc above and below it that separates them from the adjacent vertebrae and serve as shock absorbers for the spine. Many vertebrae also connect to other structures, such as ribs, the skull, and the sacrum- resulting in even more joints.

Q) So if chiropractors can restore joint mobility in the spine, can they help other joints of the body as well?

A) Of course! Some of the other joints commonly treated by chiropractors include the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee, and ankle. In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Tysen at Butler Spine & Sport also works on soft tissue like muscles, tendons, and fascia. This can be very beneficial because muscles often attach to the bones at joints.

Let’s use the wrist for this example. If a patient’s wrist is not moving properly, that can lead to wrist pain. The chiropractor can restore that wrist motion with adjustments, but the muscles of the forearm may still be overactive and tight due to compensating for the lack of wrist mobility. Some soft tissue treatment such as dry needling or muscle scraping (IASTM) may be beneficial in speeding up the recovery process by helping relieve the muscle tension.

Q) So, do chiropractors treat back pain?

A) Absolutely! But they can also help with so much more!

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