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Could You Benefit from Dry Needling?


Are you curious about dry needling? Dry needling can be beneficial for all sorts of muscle pain, as well as headaches, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and more!

Q) What is dry needling?

A) Dry Needling is a treatment that involves inserting a small needle into the skin and muscle. It is most commonly done to help relieve muscle tension in overactive muscles and help break up myofascial trigger points.

A trigger point is a small section of muscle that is held in a constant shortened state. Trigger points can often feel like a “knot” and can be tender to the touch. Trigger points are created by the body as a protective mechanism when tissue damage occurs, or when the body thinks there is potential for tissue damage.

Trigger points become painful because the tissue is not getting enough bloodflow or oxygen. The lack of oxygen also causes the tissue surrounding the trigger point to become more acidic, which can sensitize the nerves and result in pain.

When muscles are overactive or contain trigger points, they are not able to function at their full capacity. This can lead to a decrease in range of motion and cause other muscles to work harder to make up for the underperforming muscle. As you might guess, this can lead to other problems with those muscles that are picking up the slack. Have you ever heard a doctor say “Everything is connected”? That is why it is important for your chiropractor to do a thorough exam to find the source of your pain, and not just treat your symptoms.

Q) How does dry needling work?

A) Dry needling works by creating microtrauma to the tissue that is needled. This prompts the body to increase bloodflow to the area, which brings oxygen along with it. This also will help to raise the pH of the surrounding tissue, which will help to desensitize the nerves.

The microtrauma caused by the needle can stimulate your brain to release endorphins, which can lead to a decrease in pain. Dry needling can also cause a local twitch response to the muscle being needled, which causes a change in length and tension of a muscle, which helps it to relax.

Q) What is the result of dry needling?

A) Dry needling can cause a decrease in muscle tone and tension, decrease pain, and increase range of motion.

Q) Who can benefit from dry needling?

A) Dry needling can be beneficial for all sorts of muscle pain. Some areas commonly treated are the shoulder, elbow/forearm, traps, low back, glutes, and calves. It can also be beneficial for people with headaches, plantar fasciitis, tendonitis, and more.

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