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Muscle Scraping


Muscle scraping, also called Graston or IASTM (Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization) can be an effective treatment option for many different conditions.

Q) What is muscle scraping?

A) Muscle scraping involves a hard-edged metal tool being run across affected muscles, fascia, and tendons.

Q) What are the benefits of muscle scraping?

A) Muscle scraping can result in increased range of motion, increased strength, decreased pain, and remodeling of damaged tissue.

Q) Who can benefit from muscle scraping?

A) Muscle scraping can help with many different musculoskeletal conditions. It is a great treatment option for chronically tight or overactive muscles. It is also helpful in treating many different types of tendonitis, such as patellar tendonitis, medial and lateral epicondylitis, achilles tendonitis, and more. Plantar fasciitis, trigger finger, back pain, headaches, ankle sprains, and many other conditions also respond well to muscle scraping.

Q) How does muscle scraping work?

A) Muscle scraping works to remove soft tissue adhesions that may be limiting a person’s range of motion. Scraping results in increased blood flow to the area, which helps overactive tissue to relax. It also causes microtrauma to tissue, which increases fibroblast proliferation to help damaged tissue remodel to become strong, healthy tissue. This process specifically is what makes scraping so effective for tendonitis.

Many practitioners will have the patient move into different positions during the treatment in order to impact as many of the affected tissue fibers as possible. Often it is important to accompany scraping with strengthening exercises to help ensure that the tissue is being remodeled properly.

Q) Is muscle scraping painful?

A) This is a question that we get asked often by patients. While some practitioners do a more aggressive form of scraping, at Butler Spine & Sport we primarily utilize a more gentle technique that still provides great results without causing the patient discomfort. Many patients often tell us that it actually feels good!

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